Street Sweeping Schedule


Street sweeping is performed to remove dirt and debris from City streets in order to provide a healthy, safe and attractive environment for our residents and visitors. Street sweeping helps to remove paper, trash, leaves and other visible debris that collect in street gutters. This debris can also obstruct storm water facilities, resulting in localized street flooding during heavy rains. Additionally, street sweeping also collects small particles and other pollutants that might otherwise find their way into nearby waterways through the storm water collection system.

The City of McMinnville Public Works Division performs street sweeping on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the community.  The downtown core area is swept on a weekly basis year round.  Arterials/collectors with bike lanes, as well as Hwy 99 through McMinnville, are swept on a monthly basis year round.  Residential streets are swept on a six week cycle from January through October.  In November and December, residential area sweeping is done in support of leaf collection activities and is not done on a regular route.

A residential street sweeping map is provided for your use.  To find out when your street will be swept, identify the area in which you live on the map and find it on the schedule.

The following will help assist in providing a thorough sweeping service to your street:

Move all vehicles, boats, campers and garbage cans into your driveway when your street is to be swept.
Do not place basketball hoops in the street or overhanging the curb.
Keep street trees pruned to 13 feet above the street. Keep all hedges and vegetation trimmed behind the curb. 

For questions or concerns regarding the street sweeping program or schedule, please contact the Public Works Division at (503) 434-7316.