Picnic & Park Event Reservation

Picnic and Park Event reservations will be accepted at the Parks and Recreation Department beginning the first working day of January each year.  

Private Family and Small Group picnic reservations for our annual “picnic season” (April 1 through October 28) may be made at the McMinnville Community Center.  To ensure a particular park space is available for your family or group, a reservation is necessary.  Reservations for families and small groups are only made for dates that fall within the “picnic season.” 

Private Family and Private Small Groups may use, free of charge, and on a first come, first served basis, any of McMinnville’s shelter or uncovered picnic areas throughout the park system, unless it has been reserved.   First Come, First Served basis means that at least one person from the family or group wishing to use a picnic space is “on-site” when holding a space for their use.   Posting a note, then leaving the space unattended until a later time, does not qualify as being on-site.  To hold an unreserved picnic space based on First Come, First Served, someone from the family or group must be present.  

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED YEAR-ROUND FOR ALL “EVENTS.”  Organizations, churches, clubs and special interest groups that want to sponsor “open to the public” events, camps or activities and any group that wishes to sponsor an event with an attendance of 75 or more must contact the Parks and Recreation Department to receive park use authorization.  Unauthorized use of park facilities for such events is prohibited.  

All reservations are for designated picnic spaces only.   Restricting public uses of other park areas for any picnic or event is prohibited unless previously approved by the Parks and Recreation Department at the time the reservation is confirmed.  

Alcohol is not permitted within any McMinnville Park. 

Reservations may be made for the following picnic facilities:

Wortman Park - West Wortman Park Shelter (covered)  
Fees:  Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Resident: $45; Non-Resident: $60 
           Weekends (Sat-Sun) resident: $80; Non-Resident: $100     

East Wortman Park - Patios A, B, and C (uncovered)  
Fees:  Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Resident: $25; Non-Resident: $30 
           Weekends (Sat-Sun) resident: $50; Non-Resident: $65 

Discovery Meadows - Roth Family Picnic Shelter (covered)  
Fees:  Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Resident: $60; Non-Resident: $72 
           Weekends (Sat-Sun) resident: $120; Non-Resident: $144 

City Park - Shelter (Lower City Park Area)  
Fees:  Weekdays/Weekends Resident: $25; Non-Resident: $30


TO MAKE A RESERVATION:  Picnic or event sponsors must submit a completed picnic area reservation form and pay reservation fees before the reservation is confirmed.  Reservation forms are available at the Community Center or at the following link: Park and Picnic Reservation Form 

For further information, contact the Parks and Recreation Department, (503)434-7310.