Urban Renewal

On July 23, 2013, following several years of study of urban renewal and its possible use as a tool to enhance economic growth in the downtown and NE Gateway District, the McMinnville City Council voted unanimously to approve the McMinnville Urban Renewal Plan. This action came after an extensive process that involved sessions designed to educate elected officials, staff, affected taxing districts, and interested parties on the topic of urban renewal; a comprehensive study of the feasibility of this tool's use in an area of McMinnville; and a collaborative and involved public outreach effort.

Prior to the City Council's action, the Plan had undergone review by the Planning Commission and two Council appointed advisory committees, all of which had recommended its approval. Public testimony received on the draft plan at open house events and public hearings was overwhelmingly positive.

Subsequent to the adoption of the Plan, the Urban Renewal Board, which consists of members of the McMinnville City Council, created the McMinnville Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (MURAC) and adopted bylaws to guide its roles, responsibilities, and operations.

The seven members of the MURAC, together with three non-voting, ex-officio members, were appointed on January 14, 2014, and will be responsible for reviewing, advising, and making recommendations to the McMinnville Urban Renewal Board on matters related to the "McMinnville Urban Renewal Plan."

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please feel free to visit, email, or call the Planning Department office at 503-434-7311.


Development Assistance Program

Facade Improvement Grant Program
Facade Improvement Grant Application
Free Design Assistance Program
Development Loan/Grant Program
Facade Grant Brochure
            Facade Grant Project at 619 NE 3rd Street     
            Facade Grant Program at 332 NE Third Street

Final Products:

Tax Increment Revenue Updated Analysis (Draft)
Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study PowerPoint presentation
Urban Renewal Plan
Urban Renewal Report  

Budget / Annual Reports:

2015-2016 Urban Renewal District Adopted Budget
2014-2015 Urban Renewal District Adopted Budget
McMinnville Annual Report for Fiscal Year Ending June 2016
McMinnville Annual Report for Fiscal Year Ending June 2015
McMinnville Annual Report for Fiscal Year Ending June 2014

Ordinances / Resolutions:

Ordinance No. 4972 Adopting the Urban Renewal Plan
Ordinance No. 4966 Appointing City Council as Urban Renewal Agency 
Resolution No. 2014-1 Correcting Adopted District Boundary and Zoning Maps 
Resolution No. 2014-2 Establishing Urban Renewal Agency Budget Committee 
Resolution No. 2014-3 Designating City Manager as Budget Officer  

Committees / Meetings:

McMinnville Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (MURAC)
          Meeting Minutes / Agendas:

McMinnville Urban Renewal Agency

General Urban Renewal Information:

  Oregon Department of Revenue Urban Renewal Information  
  City of McMinnville Urban Renewal FAQ