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How do I get a Building Permit?

Apply in our office

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Burning Guidelines

Are there alternatives to burning?

Yes, below are some possible alternatives:  

  • Recycle paper products whenever possible.
  • Dispose of waste at your local landfill rather than burn it.
  • Compost yard debris and kitchen scraps.
  • Reuse old lumber whenever possible.
  • Buy a chipper and use chips for mulch and compost.
  • Work with neighbors to organize a neighborhood cleanup day.
  • Take hazardous materials, including oil-based paints, solvents, garden chemicals and car fluids to a hazardous waste collection site. Burning these materials is illegal and extremely dangerous.
Burning Guidelines
Can I do anything to reduce the impact of smoke if I choose to burn?

Yes, using the following good burning practices will promote efficient burning and prevent excessive smoke:

  • Assure that all combustible material is dried to the extent practicle. This includes covering the combustible material when practicle to protect the material from moisture including precipitation or dew.
  • Loosely stack or windrow the combustible material to eliminate dirt, rocks or other noncombustible material and to promote an adequate air supply to the burning pile.
  • Periodically re-stack or feed the burning pile to ensure that combustion is robust and completed efficiently.
Burning Guidelines
What is acceptable to burn?

Yard Debris - Includes wood, needle or leaf materials from trees, shrubs or plants from the real property immediately adjacent to a dwelling of not more than four family living units.

Burning Guidelines
What is illegal to burn?

Burning the following materials is illegal at any time:

  • Asbestos
  • Asphalt or industrial waste
  • Automotive parts (including frames)
  • Dead animals
  • Plastic
  • Rubber Products
  • Tires
  • Waste oil, petroleum treated and related materials
  • Wet garbage and food waste
  • Any material creating dense smoke or noxious odors
Burning Guidelines
When is backyard burning allowed?

Please note, even during the designated burning season, it is necessary to call the burn number (503-472-3344) each day to confirm that burning is allowed by DEQ that particular day.

Backyard Burning Seasons:

March 1 through June 15 
October 1 through December 15

Burning Guidelines
Who does backyard burning apply to?

All residents burning at a private home within McMinnville Fire District, regardless of whether or not they are located within the city limits.

Burning Guidelines

FAQs Police

Can the police open my car if I have locked my keys inside?

No. Due to the potential for damage to vehicles, the police department does not open locked vehicles. However, if a child or animal is endangered inside the vehicle, the police and/or fire department will respond to remove the child or animal from the vehicle.

FAQs Police
How do I find out if someone is in jail?

You will need to call the Yamhill County Jail directly at: 503-434-7507 or check the jail roster on the Yamhill County website

FAQs Police
I need to get my fingerprints taken. Will the Police Department do this?

Yes. Fingerprinting services are available Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. No appointment is necessary. There is a $15 fee and you must present photo identification. We are only able to accept cash or checks.

FAQs Police
If I have property that was stolen and then was recovered, who do I contact to get my property?

You will need to contact the Property and Evidence Department at 503-434-2345 or 503-434-7307

FAQs Police
If I want to call the police to report a crime or if I just want to talk to an officer, do I call 911?

No! Please do not dial 9-1-1 if it is not an emergency. All non-emergency calls for service in the Yamhill County area should be made to Yamhill Communications (YCOM) at 503-434-6500

FAQs Police
What is the law regarding reporting a vehicle accident in Oregon?

811.720 When an accident must be reported: You must report your accident if it happened on a highway or premise open to the public, and resulted in any of the following: 1) More than $1500 in damage to your vehicle; 2) More than $1500 in damage to any one person’s property; 3) A vehicle towed from the scene as a result of the damage; 4) Injury to any person (no matter how minor the injury); or, 5) the death of any person:

(a) The reporting requirements for drivers under ORS 811.725.

(b) The reporting requirements for occupants of vehicles in accidents under ORS 811.735.

(c) The reporting requirements for owners of vehicles under ORS 811.730.

FAQs Police
Where do I go to pay my traffic citation?

Traffic citations are processed through the City of McMinnville Municipal Court, which is located at 230 NE 2nd Street, McMinnville, OR 97128. Additional questions regarding traffic citations or the Municipal Court process may be answered by calling Municipal Court at 503.434.7402

FAQs Police
Where is the McMinnville Police Department located?

McMinnville Police Department is located at 121 SW Adams Street, McMinnville, Oregon 97128. At the corner of 2nd street and SW Adams, adjacent to the Fire Department and the Public Library.

FAQs Police


How frequently will the the library deliver?

Deliveries are made every two weeks, once a month, or on an as-needed basis. Books are delivered and picked up for return to the library.

Where will the library deliver?

The library will deliver to individuals within the city limits of McMinnville in their homes, retirement facilities, care centers, or the hospital.  If you live outside city limits, we will select books for you and leave them at the check out desk for a friend to pick up.

Who qualifies?

Homebound Services are available for free to those who are unable to visit the library because of illness, age, or disability.


Indoor Track

How long is the indoor track at the Community Center?

13 laps on the track equal 1 mile

Indoor Track

Library Card

Do I live within the city limits of McMinnville?

You may check the city map via the link below to see if your residence is within the City boundary or ask a library staff member for assistance. We are happy to help!

I live within the city limits of McMinnville

Library Card
How many items can I check out?

Our checkout information page has everything you need to know about borrowing items from the library, including how many items you may check out and for how long, overdue fine information, and more.

Library Card
What if I have more questions?

Please stop by the main checkout desk at the library or contact our Circulation Supervisor, Adam Carlson, at 503-435-5556.

Library Card
Why are there different levels of library cards?

City property taxes support the library. The different library card levels reflect the differences in property taxes paid by those who live inside and outside the city limits of McMinnville.

Card Information

Library Card