Format: 2017
Ordinance ID Title Adopted Date Attachments
5020 An Ordinance amending the Comprehensive Plan Map designation from Presidential to Commercial, and from Commercial to Residential, on portions of an existing property and lot of record, and rezoning portions of said property from a combination of EF-40 (Ex Wed 4/26/17 Link
5021 An Ordinance amending the Zoning Map designation from EF-80 (Exclusive Farm Use – 80 - acre minimum) to R-1 PD (Single-Family Residential Planned Development) on approximately 17.23 acres of land, and amending planned development Ordinance NO. 4626 to enc Wed 4/26/17 Link
5018 An Ordinance restricting the distribution of single use plastic bags. Tue 2/14/17 Link
5019 An Ordinance repealing Ordinance No. 5010 and Resolution No. 2016-72 Tue 2/14/17 Link
5015 An Ordinance amending Ordinance Nos. 4594 and 3829 (McMinnville Municipal Code Section 2.04.010) pertaining to the starting time of regular City Council meetings, and declaring and emergency. Tue 11/22/16 Link
5016 An Ordinance of the City of McMinnville terminating a non-exclusive telecommunciations francise with CoastCom, Inc., and repealing Ordinance 4996. Tue 11/22/16 Link
5017 An Ordinance of the City of McMinnville amending the McMinnville Municipal Code, Chapter 5.42, Taxation of Cannabis and Cannabis Products to authorize contracting with a third party to collect taxes. Tue 11/22/16 Link
5012 An Ordinance amending Section 3.10.060, System Development Charges, Exemptions, of the McMinnville Municipal Code to expand affordable housing exemptions. Tue 11/8/16 Link
5013 An Ordinance amending Chapter 17.62 of the the McMinnville Zoning Ordinance to add provisions related to the amortization process for nonconforming signs and to remove content-based sign regulations. Tue 11/8/16 Link
5010 An Ordinance of the City of McMinnville establishing the McMinnville Committee for Public Art. Tue 9/27/16 Link
5011 An Ordinance of the City of McMinnville authorizing Full Faith and Credit Bonds for for multiple purposes. Tue 9/27/16 Link
5006 An Ordinance authorizing the designation of the Downtown Exclusion Zone, establishing boundaries, procedures, charges and penalties therein, and setting a three year sunset clause. Tue 8/9/16 Link
5007 An Ordinance of the City of McMinnville describing the method for calculating parking time limits, repealing Ordinance 4985, repealing and replacing Section 32 of Ordinance 3629, and declaring an emergency. Tue 8/9/16 Link
5008 An Ordinance amending the McMinnville Municipal Code provisions regulating skateboards (Ordinace 4365). Tue 8/9/16 Link
5009 An Ordinance of the City of McMinnville adopting public contracting rules; repealing Ordinance 3780; repealing Ordinance 4736; and, declaring an emergency. Tue 8/9/16 Link
5005 Extending the duration of the McMinnville Downtown Economic Improvement Assessment District. Tue 6/14/16 Link
5004 3% Tax on Sale of Marijuana Items Tue 4/26/16 Link
5003 Amend Municipal Code with TLT provisions Tue 4/12/16 Link
5001 Exceptions to Planned Development Overlay Tue 1/12/16 Link
5002 Granting non-exclusive franchise to LightSpeed Networks Tue 1/12/16 Link
5000 Amending the McMinnville Zoning Ordinace to provide standards for regulating marijuana business activities in McMinnville Tue 12/22/15 Link
4999 Granting a non-exclusive telecommunications franchise to Online NW Tue 12/8/15 Link
4998 Granting a non-exclusive telecommunications franchise to Astound Broadband Tue 12/8/15 Link
4996 Granting a non-exclusive telecommunications franchise to CoastCom, Inc. Tue 11/10/15 Link
4997 Sewer user changes for monitored industrial/commercial users Tue 11/10/15 Link