Wastewater Services

As a division of the Community Development Department, Wastewater Services is committed to protecting the environment through excellence in the operation and maintenance of the facilities, communication with the community to lessen impacts to the environment, and to exceed the state and federal water quality requirements.


Residential, commercial and industrial parties all produce wastewater, which must be treated to remove contaminants (pollution).  The treatment of wastewater has changed radically over the past 50 years from simply discharging raw sewage into rivers to current complex facilities, which return clean water to the environment.  Building, staffing and operating these facilities requires a significant investment from the community.  This revenue comes from the monthly sewer fees, along with assessment charges for new sewer installations. 

Wastewater Services includes Conveyance System Maintenance, which maintains, cleans, and repairs the sanitary sewer system; Operations and Maintenance, which operates and maintains the Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) and pump stations; Laboratory, which provides reliable, unbiased, accurate and precise analytical results for the WRF; and Pretreatment Program, which administers the City's approved Pretreatment Program by conducting inspections, issuing permits, and working with industries to comply with regulations protecting personnel safety, treatment facilities and the environment.