Public Works

The Public Works Division is an element of the Community Development Department. The division is responsible for park, fleet, equipment, right of way, street, and storm drain maintenance activities throughout the city.

Maintenance of Parks, Streets, Storms Drains and Fleet/Equipment


In an effort to make the City safer to pedestrians and vehicular traffic, the following landscaping hazards are not allowed.

Planning for a winter storm event can be difficult. The variations in rate of snowfall, moisture content, air/surface temperatures, micro-climates, time of day and wind velocity make each storm a unique challenge.

It is the goal of this plan to establish general policies and procedures that help make travel within the city as safe as possible and to minimize economic hardship during those events.

Sweeping map

The City of McMinnville Public Works Division performs street sweeping on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the community.  A residential street sweeping map and schedule is provided for your use.

By ordinance, trees planted in the public right of way adjacent to private property are the responsibility of the adjoining property owner.  The City is responsible for trees planted within the downtown core area.  Two specific purposes of the ordinance is to establish the maximum amount of tree cover on public and private lands in the city and to provide tree lined streets. Typically trees are planted as part of new development by the developer, or by property owners.