Transportation Bond Program

In November, 2014, McMinnville voters passed a $24 million General Obligation Bond measure for street improvements throughout the City. The proposed improvements include a mix of several needed street corridor capital projects; pavement overlay and preservation work on the City’s “worst condition” streets; and sidewalk and safety improvements. The projects address existing safety and congestion concerns of importance to the City’s citizens and businesses along several busy street corridors.

The program consists of seven projects throughout the City:

  • Five Capital Improvement Projects to address traffic congestion and improve safety along several street corridors.
  • Street Repair and Re-Paving Projects on portions of 84 City streets.
  • Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Projects near schools, parks, other public facilities and in the downtown area.


A dedicated website has been created for the bond program, where you will find detailed information about all aspects of the initiative.

Check it out here: